Sunday, February 26, 2012

Warning Signals from Our Body - Your Palm

7. Vulnerable to cold and cough as a child
Chaotic pattern that appears on the connect part life line and head line indicates frequent respiratory system problems during childhood. People with this kind of pattern are easy to catch a cold, cough and rhinitis.
8. Cervical spine issues
A line on the lower part between the base of index and middle fingers means cervical spine problem, such as frequent neck and shoulder pain, headache, and dizziness. The deeper the line, the more serious the condition is.
9. Waist and back pain
The side region outside the love line and under the pinkie finger represents the entire back, waist, and lumbar area; it can roughly tell where the problem is based on the location of the lines. The lines at 1/3 from the pinkie finger (A) indicate back pain, the lines in the lower middle area (B) indicate waist pain, and the lines at lower potion close to wrist (C) represents lumbar problem. The finer and shallower the lines, it means only pain and fatigue are not server. The deeper the lines the serious the waist ache or lower back pain. Since this part is at the side of the palm, one should turn the palm in order to exam accurately.


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