Sunday, February 5, 2012

Warning Signals from Our Body - Your Palm

2. Lines indicate malnutrition 
Multiple lines on the bottom of a palm most likely indicate malnutrition, weak digestion and absorption in childhood. If a man’s hand has this pattern, then he is vulnerable to gout or prostate problems. If this pattern appears on a women’s hand, she may suffer gynecological diseases. The deeper the pattern, the harder it is for this woman to conceive. The deeper and thicker the patter, the longer the person has suffered the diseases and the serious the diseases are. Thin and irregular lines indicate that the problems are less serious. If these lines appear on the hand while a blue vein also appears on the outside of index finger, then the malnutrition of this person is caused by multiply childhood diseases. Without blue vine, the malnutrition is caused by poor living condition during childhood.
3. rheumatism pattern
A bifurcation line at the end of life line means serious cold and dampness in the body. If this pattern appears on both hands, then the cold and dampness is already server in childhood; if it only appears on the right hand, then it means this cold and dampness is caused by the bad habits or eating the wrong food during growing up.

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