Thursday, November 24, 2011

Theory of Health

After reclaiming her own health, Yueling Ma has been helping other to become healthy by applying her knowledge and experiences. Along the way, she refined the core of the Traditional Chinese Medical (TCM) theory into four key areas.  First and foremost, human body is a system and it should be treated accordingly.  Each part and each organ of our body interacts with each other, only when they are in harmony, we will be healthy. Secondly, everybody needs adequate Qi (vital energy) and blood flow. When a person does not generate enough Qi and blood, he/she is vulnerable for all kinds of diseases. Third, human system needs a proper functional network to transport Qi and to discharge waste and such a network is called Jingluo (energy channel or meridian) in the TCM terms. Although neither Qi nor Jingluo is visible to naked eyes or microscope, they exist in our body when we are alive and they play a vital role for our wellbeing. The TCM theory believes all health issues are caused by inadequate Qi and blood flow, and blocked channels. Forth, human system needs proper internal temperature in order to function properly. Internal temperature is a concept used in the TCM and Yueling applies this concept to our modern era and she believes that a lot of diseases are the results of cold internal environment. 
The human body is a precise system that needs adequate Qi and blood, functional energy channels and a proper internal temperature. These are the keys behind a healthy human system. When any one part is not at the proper state, one’s health is at stake.  Our diet plays a critical role for our physical well-being. Food provides the raw materials for our body to generate Qi and blood; food also plays a critical role for our internal temperature. In fact, the TCM classifies foods into five categories: hot, warm, neutral, cool, and cold (will discuss this next time). If a person consumes a lot of cool/cold food over a long period of time, (s)he tends to have a low internal temperature.  Yueling believes that people today are more vulnerable to low internal temperature and poor network condition than before due to the availability of many off-season and cross region foods, the extensive use of air-conditioning and refrigerator, and the lack of physical activities.
A picture of a tree can illustrates the above concept well. All the elements that affect how a tree looks are under the ground.  Think about what happens to the tree when there is not enough fertilizer or water, or the lateral roots are cut off, or when the temperature is too low.  Relating this back to human bodies, how we feel and how our body functions are affected by the factors that we do not see, the Qi and blood, the channels and the internal temperature. Even though we can’t see them, our diet and habit will impact the Qi and blood flow, internal temperature and the channel, and ultimately, the overall health. This is the Theory of Health and will serve as the foundation for the Way to True Health.  

Friday, November 18, 2011

Story of Yueling Ma

Yueling Ma
     As a child, Yueling Ma suffered from congenital malnutrition, mumps, and glomerulonephritis; cold, flu, and bloody noses always kept her company. At the age of 19, she was hit by a car while riding her bike and was unconscious for four hours. The accident damaged her memory and left her with insomnia and constant headaches that worsened every day. In addition, she suffered knee effusions and the pain sometimes was so bad that she couldn’t walk. To make matter worse, her body reacted negatively to pain medicines, so, for more than 20 years, she suffered.

     Yueling was a nurse by training and she worked in a major hospital where she had access to both modern medical practices and traditional Chinese medical practices. She had seen many of the doctors there and took a lot of medicine for her headaches but none improved her condition. Well, the good news was that “nothing was really wrong”, according to numerous blood and urine tests. However, she knew that something was not right; she should not suffer all those pains and feel tired all of the time at such a young age and she should weigh more than 100 lbs at her height of 5’7”. The bad news was that “she was too weak to handle any treatments”, concluded by many traditional Chinese doctors. But what was really wrong with her? She visited everyone near and far who might have the slightest chance to help her. She tried all kinds of nutritional supplements; she prayed for a miracle… but she was left disappointed.

     Finally, she realized that no one could really help her and no miracle would happen to her either, so she decided to take the matter into her own hands and became a doctor for herself. Since medications did not help her much, she turned to ancient Chinese physical treatments. Among them, she found that foot reflexology significantly improved her headaches. Out of curiosity, she bought all 12 books that she could find on the subject, immersed in the books, and learned everything she could about foot reflexology. Then she wondered if the improvement could be accelerated by injecting some mild medicine and decided to give it a try. This was easier said than done since no one had ever tried this before and no one knew what would happen. Knowing her reactions to medicine, she carefully searched and picked liquid-form angelica. After injecting angelica into the proper reflecting areas of the head on her foot,  every organ has a reflecting area on the foot, her head was cleared for the first time in many years. As she continued to test this on herself, she
eventually cured her headaches and improved her memory.

     Encouraged by her initial victory, she continued to test other ancient treatments on her own body and also changed her diet. By 1997, Yueling not only got her health back, but also developed her own theory about the causes of disease and the way to reclaim one’s health.

Books written by Yueling Ma in Chinese
     Today, she is helping thousands of people to reclaim their health and enjoy their lives through her four best-seller books, “The Wisdom of Being Healthy,” “Temperature—The Key to Health and Life,” “Parents are Children’s Best Doctors,” and “Yueling Ma’s Health Questionnaire,” and web site ( Yueling shares her experience, insights and potent recipes with her readers passionately. She loves to take on challenging cases and her goal is to bring health back to the world.