Sunday, January 8, 2012

Warning Signals from Our Body - Your Palm

There are three main lines on the palm. The first is life line; a parabola curve begins from the area between index finger and thumb and extends to the wrist line. The longer the life line, the longer the life span.

The second is wisdom line starting at the same place as the life line. The wisdom line runs through the middle of palm to hypothenar. A person who is mentally retarded or has dementia typically has shallow, fine and chaotic wisdom line.

The third line is love line; it is the curve that starts from the area below the pinkie finger and ends between the index and middle fingers. 
There is a lot of information in those lines. Generally, the lines on the left hand represent the healthy information from birth until 40 years old while the ones on the right hand are after 40 years of age. Identical information on both hands indicates that the health problem has been there for a while. The lines may be different for male and female or different for the left side and right side for the same person. Regardless how different they are, the follow lines are indicators for healthy problems. 

(To be continued)


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