Sunday, December 18, 2011

Warning Signals from Our Body

        Our body is the most complicated and precise system, the system consistently sends out warning signals for potential problems long before any medical instrument can detect.  The problem is that either we ignore those signals or we don’t recognize them when they show up.  In the next few weeks, the way to identify the signals and their indications will be discussed in more details.  We will start with the palms of our hands.
        The palm of a health person should be pinkish white, smooth, and flexible. A dull, dry and yellowish or pale palm indicates inadequate Qi and blood, and malnourished. If the heart of palm area is very pale, this means the person eats too much cold food and his/her body is cold.  A very red palm indicates a Yin deficiency and excess heat in the body and this person typically is with hot temper and easy to get angry. If the palm only turns red occasionally, this mostly is due to excess heat and nutrition from the excessive spicy food or nutrition supplements. If the redness is only in the area below the thumb, this means there is excess heat in the upper body. People with this kind of palm may suffer hypertension and heart disease, they may have bad temper.  If the redness is only in the area below the little finger, this mostly indicates excessive internal heat in the gastrointestinal area and those people typically are diabetic. After a palm is open and the fingers turns to dark or purple, this indicates server coldness in the body and blood circulation already becomes slow. Those people may have high blood viscosity.

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